Fatherhood: Review – Chalkola Pens

December 21, 2016 at 4:42 pm

Chalkola MarkersDespite having only dropped into the Henry’s Blog mailbox this month (also known as the work pigeon hole in the Good Relations offices), the Chalkola Markers I’ve been reviewing for this post have turned out to be one of my favourite reviews of 2016.

Sure, it helps that I’m already a bit of a liquid chalk marker addict – we’ve had some generic ones at home for a while, and we use them to write on the walls at work too – but I’m pleased to say the markers that the people from Chalkola sent over for me to review are fantastic.

In the week or two that I’ve had them, I’ve put them to numerous uses – including helping to decorate our kitchen “reminders” board for the season, and keeping the kids entertained at dinner time with the help of some wipe-clean blackboard place mats.

img_4848I’m also really looking forward to offering them up to the many visitors we’ve got coming over during the next couple of weeks – being able to draw on your own place mat never gets old, trust me!

The lovely Chalkola folks sent me two different packs to try – a classic “bright colours” set and a classy-looking “earth colours” pack which I’d not seen before.

I see from their website that they offer “jumbo” markers too, which I might have to grab a set of.

As you can see from the photos, the ink is incredibly high-quality and flows well from the pens – the Christmas tree I drew would probably have defeated my old chalk pens, but it coped with the task with ease. The selection of colours is great (it’s always good to get a white one in each pack) the after-effect is just right.

In short, I’d highly recommend them – moreso than the other brands I’ve tried. If you’re a fan of dinner-time doodling like me, grab yourself a set or two today!