Fatherhood: Marketing, Gender and Colour – Oh My!

March 15, 2016 at 8:53 pm

I’m always interested in the topic of gender-based marketing – especially the practise of pushing pink-only products to little girls, or the nonsensical marketing of certain things to boys and others to girls. I’ve even written a few posts on it in the past – Gender Stereotyping – A Marketer’s View, aka What a (Kinder) Surprise, Will Boys Be Boys?

So when the nice people at 4imprint – retailers of all sorts of branded stuff, from personalised clothing to Stylus Pens – sent me this interesting infographic, I took a great interest in finding out more.

The basis of their research (which you can read more about on their blog) is what factors males and females consider when choosing products – including its colour. As you can see, whilst most lazy marketers targets “female” based products in pink, the majority of consumers list blue as their favourite colour.

Interesting huh? Take a look at the infographic to find out all about it – click below to see the whole thing!