251821_10151916132505072_1815555719_nI am a man. This much we know to be true. I am also a pun-loving, dad-blogging, photo-taking, Lego-making, beard-wearing, child-caring father of 2 / Husband of 1. I’m the Managing Director at Tamar and I do boring website’y stuff for Melissa George too.

Here’s what my LinkedIn says about me:

“Henry has been working in online marketing for nearly 10 years, with social media having been his focus since 2007. A well-respected member of the social marketing community, he is a member of a number of industry bodies, including the IAB’s ‘Social Media Council’.

“As a blogger his work regularly appears on Econsultancy and The IAB SMC blog as well as Tamar’s own blog. As a commentator, he has been quoted in titles as varied as the Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Metro, Revolution Magazine, New Media Age, Marketing Magazine and a number of books, including ‘The Art of Conversation’ by Catherine Blyth.

“He regularly speaks at industry events and presentations and is a contributor to the IAB’s ‘Rising Voice’ education program.

“His work in the social media industry has lead to a number of interesting opportunities, including a party at 10 Downing Street, a red-carpet movie premiere, an appearance on the BBC’s ‘Imagine’ program and several interviews with high-profile media figures.

“As his LinkedIn page proves, he is highly skilled in the art of sarcasm, general awesomeness and is a proficient Lego builder.”

My Google Profile is here. Watch out for the tumbleweeds. You can see all my other social profiles on the right, or below.

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