Time for a great holiday – with no need for exaggeration!

March 30, 2017 at 10:02 am

Have you ever come back from a holiday and found yourself exaggerating some of your experiences when you tell people how it was?

Perhaps you weren’t quite as adventurous with the local cuisine as you might want people to think? Maybe you didn’t get round to visiting the local landmarks, but don’t want your friends to realise you spent the week lazing by the pool? Or maybe the fluent conversations you had with the locals were a little less professional than you might have let on?

I think we’ve all been there – I know I certainly have. And according to research by MSC Cruises, I’m not alone. According to their stats (which are summarised in the handy infographic you can see below) a lot of us Brits like to bend the truth after a trip away. For instance:

  • 14 percent of us have claimed to have visited a place we’ve never been to
  • 21 percent of us have lied about which countries we’ve actually visited
  • 29 percent of us have bent the truth about the types of food we’ve tried/enjoy
  • 35 percent claim they would consider a cruise in order to appear more cultured

When it comes to their world travels, the most frequently mentioned destinations which people claim to have visited to appear more cultured include New Zealand, New York, Australia, Rome and Paris. I’ve been to all of those (well, 3 out of 5 anyway…!)

Thankfully, if you’re one of the people who want to visit more countries without the hassle of arranging all the details, MSC offer a range of solutions which might help – from Caribbean Cruises to trips around the Med which stop at countless cultural destinations.

We’ve never tried a cruise personally, but several members of my family are regular cruisers and it’s at the top of my “must do” list – when we eventually get around to it.

If you want to know more about the exaggerations we make, take a look at their clever little infographic below.