The eternal hassle of the painful commute

March 20, 2017 at 9:33 pm

A nice chap recently contacted me asking if I’d share his infographic, which talks about the amount of time we London commuters lose every year thanks to transport delays.

As somebody who has been commuting into London on a daily basis for well over a decade, this is a subject that is close to my heart – so I said I’d share it! You can find the graphic on the right – click to make it bigger and more readable!

I’m actually slightly scared to do the sums myself, in case I work out just how much of my life I’ve wasted stuck in underground tunnels, just outside of the station platform or waiting in queues at escalators. I’m pretty sure it’s a big number though, sadly.

The other crazy thing I’ve learnt lately – particular as my commute has changed thanks to a new office – is just how close together some stations on the underground actually are.

No kidding, in some areas it’s almost quicker to walk. In fact, if you RUN between stops, as the chap in the video below did, you could beat the train. Take a look…

What’s the solution, though, I hear you ask? Well, the folks at GoToMeeting think that the answer is working from home one day a week – presumably with the help of their clever phone conferencing solutions. As somebody who is allowed to work from home once in a while, I can definitely attest to the benefits of the occasional WFH day – even more so when transport chaos is reigning!

However you choose to solve this problem – even if you just decide to take a book to get through the long delays – think of me next time you’re stuck in a long, dark underground tunnel!