Fatherhood: Safe Driving During Winter

December 21, 2016 at 2:21 pm

p1030718To launch their new “safe driving on two wheels” infographic (which you can find by clicking on the image at the bottom of this post), the lovely people at Jefferies Solicitors have asked me to tell you about some of my winter driving experiences.

Obviously I’m not a motorcycle rider personally (I’ve never figured out how to fit a child’s car seat onto the back!) but they told me that car driving tips were just as useful.

And luckily for them, I spent a good few years at the start of my digital marketing career working on content for about a dozen motoring clients’ websites – so I’m a wealth of knowledge in this area!

So here are my five best tips for staying safe on the roads with your family this winter…

1. Check all of your fluid levels

I don’t mean have a coffee before you set off – looking after your motoring fluids includes topping-up your radiator with water, making sure your wiper fluid includes a good quality anti-freeze and of course making sure you’ve got the correct amount of oil in the engine. And petrol too, while you’re at it – though you can’t get far without it…

2. Check the weather forecast

I realise this might sound like a slightly stupid tip, but if you live in the UK you’ll know how quickly our weather can change without warning. So making sure you’re familiar with what the weather forecast says for your journey – both at the start AND at your destination – is crucial in winter time.

3. Plan your routes carefully

If you’re making a long journey on a day when the weather looks set to be bad then make sure you’ve planned your journey carefully – including a couple of back-up routes. We got stuck on a very icy hill in Surrey once, because we’d taken a wrong turn and couldn’t figure out how to take any other route. So plan ahead!

4. Pack some winter essentials

As well as the usual safety necessities that you need to keep in your boot (first aid kit, breakdown triangle etc) you should have a few winter essentials in there at this time of year. A few blankets to keep you warm in case of a breakdown, a snow-shovel if the weather is going to be really bad – maybe even some snow chains.

5. Be a considerate driver

Another probably obvious tip, but definitely one to bear in mind at this time of the year: be a bit more considerate to your fellow drivers. Try not to drive at crazy speeds, watch out for people on bicycles, use your fog lights correctly – that sort of thing. If we all drive a bit more considerately, we should be able to stay a bit safer on the roads.

So those are my tips – but there are plenty more in the infographic below, so give it a read – and drive safely this winter!