Fatherhood: Review – The Toucan Box

May 5, 2015 at 8:12 pm

IMG_6020Another week, another review – I must be getting better at this! Either that or the people offering me things to review haven’t actually read any of my other reviews. But it can’t be that, surely? :D

Anyway, the people behind the ‘Toucan Box‘ club (club is the best word I can think of for it, though they don’t call it that) offered to send Robert and Freddie a box each to test out their product. So this weekend, on a visit to my mother-in-law’s house, we took two Toucan Boxes (Pirate themed!) to give them a test drive.

As far as I can tell, the theory behind the Toucan Box is that it contains all the ingredients (so to speak) for a little craft project – you literally don’t need to add anything, so it seems like quite a useful little treat for keeping a child occupied for an hour or two, whether you’re at home or away (as we were).

IMG_5962The pirate boxes we received contained all the items needed to make a pirate treasure map and a parrot puppet – as well as suggestions for other piratical activities that you could do with the map you’ve created.

Items in the box included paper, crayons, feathers, stickers, glue stick, cut-out parrot, a lolly stick and some tea bags – ready to stain the paper for that authentic ageing-map look. So far, so good.

The boys gave both activities a very thorough try, and both went down very well. The map in particular was a revelation (both versions are now stuck to our fridge!) and the parrots provided quite a bit of amusement.

Each box also contains a preview of what the next box will contain, as well as a token you can use for another box.

We certainly enjoyed our boxes – and you can try one for free, too. The lovely people who sent us the boxes also offered us a Coupon/Code which you can use to claim a free Toucan Box of your own. Just visit their website and enter the code “HENRY1” – easy!

Here’s a few more pictures of our craft adventure to finish up with…