Fatherhood²: Finally, David Beckham and I have Something in Common

February 3, 2014 at 9:02 pm

photoYesterday, I learned that David Beckham and I have something in common. No, I’ve not been holding a secret footballing ability back from you all these years – and I certainly don’t have a penchant for wearing sarongs.

No, as it turns out, our common love is for something a little smaller – namely, Lego.

Yep, you read that right. It turns out that England’s finest footballer is a fan of those tiny bricks that I love so much. And I don’t mean Duplo either – I mean the proper, big-boy stuff (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

According to an interview with the Sunday Times magazine, Becks said:

“When the kids finish school, they might have different activities going on, like football or rugby. But when they get home we’ll often play one of their favourite games, like Connect 4. They also love Lego. So do I. The last big thing I made was Tower Bridge. It was amazing.”

He claims that Lego helps to “calm him down” – something I can certainly relate to after a long week in the office.

Perhaps if he ever gets REALLY bored, he could come round and join us on a Lego-play Sunday? You never know – stranger things have happened! Heh heh, perhaps not.

tower bridge dsHighRes_620x413