Downing Tweet – Other people’s blogs / pictures (UPDATED)

December 5, 2009 at 10:24 pm

Following my earlier, gush-tastic post on my evening at Downing Street, I’m collating the other coverage the event got – partially for my own purposes, but also for anyone else who was there and wants to connect to other bloggers / posters from the night. Plus, I’m going to add in some good TwitPics of the event that I’ve found…

  • Sarah Milne has posted Part 1 (of 2) of her summation of the event, on her blog “My Journey with William“. Reading Sarah’s story makes me feel guilty for having had such a relatively stress-free life thus far, and I’m proud to say I’ve met her now. Update: Part 2 is now also up.
  • Mrs Brown herself posted an excellent story on the Huffington Post – plus, as you’d expect, she’s been tweeting follow-ups all day long.
  • Tom Scholes-Fogg of Young Labour has posted a short summary of the event on his blog.
  • Sue Atkins of Positive Parents has a very nice blog about the event; Another great tweeter who I met for the first time last night.
  • Mr Richard Bacon apparently talked about his time at the event on his brand-new 6Music show today. I wasn’t able to listen as we were out, but I’m going to catch-up with it on the iPlayer tomorrow – so should you!
  • Sarah Brown has set up a new Flickr account, where she has posted a number of great shots from the event.
  • Musician Kevin Hewick has written a mammoth blog about the evening, though I resent his use of the term “Hooray Henrys” obviously! :D
  • The lovely Holly Shaw has a very nice write up of the evening on her blog “Transplants, Tantrums and Tiaras”.
  • Sandy Calico has a great run-down of the evening, with some nice photos and some funny stories.
  • Hamish Thompson has a good account of the evening, with a very good explanation of the Million Mums cause too.
  • Ben Matthews is one of the founders of Twestival, and you can read his blog here.
  • The team at MumsRock have a nice round-up of the evening, including a very funny story about label supporters…
  • The brilliantly-titled “Notes to self plus two (and the need for red shoes)” has a good post about the party.
  • The Confident Ladies have a nice blog covering their day at Downing Street too.
  • The lovely @tinypoppet has a great coup with her coverage – she’s actually been to Downing Street twice…
  • Grace Fletcher-Hackwood has covered the even on her GAFH blog.
  • Last but definitely not least, you can read the official coverage of the party from Downing Street themselves at

Pictures from the event, almost all of which were posted by Sarah Brown herself:
@emmafreud and @claudiawinkle with their Mums tattoos at #dow... on Twitpicnice pic with campaigners @sarah_e_milne @thegiftoflife and @... on TwitpicTweetie Pies! festive mince pies with Twitter birds at #downi... on TwitpicThis is a classic: @krishgm @caitlinmoran and @indiaknight sh... on Twitpic with @gabysslave and @MumsRock at #downingtweet for #million... on Twitpic@ricardian2005 @positiveparents and @Rosiecosy at #downingtweet on Twitpicwith @brenthoberman talking to @acton - clearly about cool ge... on TwitpicTwestival meets Tweetminster at #downingstreet on Twitpic@Beverleyknight was spectacular last night at #downingtweet  on Twitpic@CocaBeenSlinky outside No10 Downing Tweet after last nights ... on Twitpic@nurseju_ outside No10 Downing Tweet after last nights recept... on TwitpicThank you to @SarahBrown10 for inviting me to your house last... on TwitpicThe totally bonkers @CaitlinMoran outside Downing Tweet... on TwitpicAt Downing Tweet Christmas Party hosted by sarabrown10 in sup... on Twitpic@nurseju_ @nigs @CocaBeenSlinky in No10 Downing Tweet on Twitpic

Please do let me know (in the comments) of other pictures/blogs I’ve missed, and I’ll add them in!